FREE End of the Year Notes for Distance Learning & Other Distance Learning End of Year Resources

I hope these Digital End of the Year resources help you and your students to wind down this unique school year.

I am sure your students and their families appreciate all of your hard work during this challenging time.  I have been creating new digital resources for the end of the year that you might find helpful.

First of all here is an End of the Year Presentation available as Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Printables.  This is the Google Slides version:

End of the Year Distance Learning Google Slides PDF with LINK

✅  Contents:

     1.    Mini Book Presentation in 2 Levels With Sound Buttons

     2.   Animated Vocabulary Slides for Each Level

     3.   Template for students to write their own book by typing or dictating to someone to type.

     4.   Poems/Songs to Sing or Chant

Digital Memory Book Google Slides Distance Learning Easy K/1 PDF with LINK

✅  Each student creates a page and sends it back to you to assemble into an online 

digital memory book with the cover first.  

Are your students graduation?  Here are some diplomas you can deliver electronically:

Graduation Certificates Distance Learning Editable PreK K and 1

Here are the FREE editable END OF THE YEAR NOTES:  There are 3 versions:  Editable Google  Slides as PDF with LINK,  Editable Google Slides that TpT uploads to your Drive, and an Editable PowerPoint.

End of the Year Notes Distance Learning Editable PowerPoint        End of the Year Notes Distance Learning Editable Google Slides PDF with LINK        End of the Year Notes Distance Learning Google Slides Editable

Here are some editable End of the Year Awards that can be delivered digitally.

End of the Year Awards Editable Distance Learning

Use these Editable End of the Year Awards during distance learning to recognize your students at the end of the year... 

★ Includes a version to customize and create unique award titles, too!

1)  Author Award 

2)  Good Reader Award

3)  Good Friend Award

4)  Best Smile Award 

5)  Mathematician Award 

6)  Thinking Award 

7)  Good Helper Award

8)  Make Up Your Own End of the Year Awards

End of the Year Activities:  Volunteer Thank You Poems - Color & B/W

These Volunteer Poems can also be delivered through email to your volunteers as attachments.

Here are a few other Distance Learning items for June.

Flag Day Distance Learning Google Slides With Sound PDF with LINK

Father's Day Distance Learning Google Slides PDF with LINK

Father's Day Distance Learning Google Slides

These I hope your End of the Year winds down nicely during this period of Distance Learning.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for other materials that I can create for you, please send me an email at  After creating the resource, I will send it to you free of charge to test for me and make suggestions for edits.  

I so have a custom folder of all of my Distance Learning Materials that you browse here:

Thanks again for all you do for kids...Linda Post - The Teacher's Post



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