The End of the School Year

The End of The School Year....

As the school year winds down and students realize that soon they will no longer be coming to school, students react in many different ways.
Those that have healthy family relationships may become excited about opening their pools, going on vacation with their families, going to their family camp, spending extra time with mom, dad and their siblings.  

However, other students are apprehensive about what they will be doing or where they will be going during the long summer. For some of our students, school is their most enjoyable and safest place to be.  Those same students may find themselves acting out in your classroom because of these underlying feelings of losing the best part of their lives for a while.   

The end of the year can be particularly stressful for us as teachers, too.  We need to close out all of our records, pack up our classrooms, and each year it seems we are given less or no time allotted for these major tasks.  We know we need to be sensitive to our students and their feelings.  

Enough said... Now I'd like to share a few items that may help you to wind up the school year on a positive note.  One of my products contains 7 different End Of The Year Award Certificates for simple things like:  Best Smile, Good Friend Award, Good Effort Award, Mathematician Award, Good Reader Award, Good Helper, Good Thinker, etc.  These awards contain a variety of graphics and are ready for you to edit, creating your own titles and adding your students' names.  You might even be able to give each of your students their own award.  

Here is the file:

Another product gives students an opportunity to create their own non-rhyming poem about school.  Here is the link:

For younger students, there is a mini-book for guided reading.  There are 8 versions at 2 different reading levels.  Here is the link:

Another product creates an easy End of the Year Memory Book.  This simple one page template can be given to each student to complete.  Then make enough copies of each students' page to create a book for each student to take home that contains all of their classmates' pages as well.   It's a great way to remember their year and the students in their class.  Here is the link:

It's important to remember our volunteers at the end of the school year.  Here is an acrostic poem that I created one year with my students.  Students can sign in the borders to personalize if for your volunteers.  If you don't have enough room for students to sign, you can shrink or remove the graphics.  It can be given as is or mounted on construction paper.

And don't forget about Father's Day!  I have Father's Day Poems/Songs, a Father's Day Booklet, a template for an original Father's Day Poem and more.  Summer products, too... Just visit my store:
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  1. I've been looking for some nice fathers day poems that can give me inspiration this coming dad's day. Thanks for sharing some ideas!