Sunday, December 1, 2013

Here is another product your students might enjoy:

Literacy Centers - Change A Letter - C-V-C Words 

Phoneme Substitution- Several Ways to Use - 17 Page Download - 6 different activity cards, each with 7 c-v-c word pictures on each card. Each subsequent picture is a word made by changing just one letter/phoneme of the previous word as shown in the thumbnail. As students progress down the card, each new word is made by changing just one letter/phoneme of the previous word.

Students look at the first picture, decide what it is, build it in the boxes with letter tiles, stamps, small magnetic letters or the sheet of letters I have provided (just print out copies on different colors of copy paper to keep them separated and cut on the paper cutter). Next, there are baselines for the students to write each word. You can laminate these cards and reuse them, or print them out in black and white for students to complete in pencil after building the words.

An answer key is provided as well.

Cards can be used as independent activities for 6 students at a time (6 individual cards). Students can trade cards when they have finished. I have included optional recording sheets for each word card. 

I have also created directions for you to do this as a listening activity. I have provided worksheets for the students to use, or you can simply use plain paper.

Make copies of the cards, and use as worksheets for a group of students.

You can create multiple copies of one of the cards, and use the same card for a small group of students.

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